TIP Project #2004-051: SR-247 (Duplex Road) Widening

Widen Duplex Road from 2 to 3 lanes, improve vertical and horizontal alignment, add curb and gutter, add sidewalk on south side of project and multi-use path on north side of project, add signals at 4 currently unsignalized intersections.

Maury and Williamson counties.

M Road Widening Regional Plan ID: 1199-1322
TDOT TDOT PIN: 103169.00
Multi-County Total Cost: $34,030,000.00
SR-247 (Duplex Road) Total Programmed: $31,131,250.00
SR-6/US-31 to 0.1 mile west of I-65 Federal Share: $753,000.00
3.30 miles Federal Obligation*:
Non-Exempt Unobligated Balance: $753,000.00
* Obligations during current TIP period only.

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
2017ROWL-STBG (Spring Hill)$240,000.00$192,000.00$0.00$48,000.00
2017CONSTRUCTIONSTBG (AC)$30,190,000.00$0.00$30,190,000.00$0.00
TOTAL  $31,131,250.00$753,000.00$30,318,000.00$60,250.00

Construction Reserve Funds

There is no reserve funding information for this TIP Project.

Obligated Funds

There is no obligated funding information for this TIP Project.

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Project Notes

NotePosted On
STIP# 600306/11/2016
12/18/12 - This project has been progressing at a rapid pace over the past two years. To date, the City has completed a Categorical Exclusion NEPA document, Preliminary Engineering Plans, and Draft Right of Way Plans. The City anticipates Right of Way Plans approval in early 2013 and with notice to proceed from TDOT, will move into the Right of Way acquisition phase and construction plans development. Right of Way acquisition is anticipated to be complete in 2014. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid 2014.12/18/2012

Project Amendments

There are no amendments for this TIP Project.

Administrative Modifications

Adjustment #ActionMPO Approval
2017-004This project has been adjusted to add $512,000 (federal) in STBG funds for ROW and UTILITIES in FY 2017.1/27/2017
2017-008This project has been adjusted to shift $13,920,000 (federal) programmed for construction to State funding, as this will become an advance construction project.2/02/2017
2017-038This project has been adjusted to add $192,000 (federal) in funding from Spring Hill's L-STBG balance in order to pay remaining ROW costs.6/12/2017
2017-045This project has been adjusted to add $6,400,000 in state funds for advanced construction that will later be converted to state STBG funds.5/15/2017
2017-047This project has been adjusted to add $6,390,000 in state funds for advanced construction in FY 2017 that will later be converted to state STBG.6/28/2017
2018-022This project has been adjusted to add $49,000 (federal) in L-STBG funds allocated to the City of Spring Hill for ROW in FY 2018.4/03/2018

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