TIP Project #2008-14-030: Various intersection improvements (FAUB routes)

Construct/install safety improvements at up to 50 signalized intersections within the Federal Aid Urban Boundary (FAUB). Improvements include signal improvements, markings, guardrail, etc.

M Intersection Regional Plan ID: 1014-266
Metro Nashville TDOT PIN: 111335.00
Davidson County Total Cost: $8,593,750.00
Various intersection improvements (FAUB routes) Total Programmed: $1,750,000.00
Countywide Federal Share: $1,400,000.00
0.00 miles Federal Obligation*:
Exempt Unobligated Balance: $1,400,000.00
* Obligations during current TIP period only.

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
TOTAL  $1,750,000.00$1,400,000.00$0.00$350,000.00

Construction Reserve Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
TOTAL  $5,000,000.00$4,000,000.00$0.00$1,000,000.00

Obligated Funds

There is no obligated funding information for this TIP Project.

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Project Notes

NotePosted On
12/18/12 -
Phase I will consist of those intersection improvements requiring no right-of-way acquisition.
1. Thompson Lane & Murfreesboro Pike—Signals, sidewalk/ramp, signage, paving, drainage, marking, pedestrian improvements.
2. McGavock Pike & Elm Hill Pike—Signals, signage, markings.
3. Nolensville Pike & Harding Pike—Signals.
4. Lebanon Pike & Andrew Jackson Parkway—Signals, pedestrian improvements.
5. Shute Lane & Saundersville Road—Signals, paving.
6. 20th Ave North & Terrace Place—Markings.
7. Stewarts Ferry Pike & McCrory Creek Road—Signals, guard rail, signage.
8. Bell Road & Hickory Hollow Pike—Signals, paving, channelization, signage, sidewalk/ramp, pedestrian improvements.
9. Church Street & 21st Avenue North—Signals, signage, pedestrian improvements, channelization, markings
10. Church Street & 18th Avenue North—Signals, signage, markings, pedestrian improvements.
11. Nolensville Pike & Old Hickory Boulevard—Signals, sidewalk, pedestrian improvements.
12. Bell Road & Stewarts Ferry Pike—Signals, paving, marking, signage, pedestrian improvements.
13. Conference Drive & Vietnam Veterans Pkwy—Signals, signage, markings, crosswalk, sidewalk/ramp, pedestrian improvements.

Phase II will consist of those intersection improvements requiring up to one acre of right-of-way acquisition. It is anticipated that each of these improvements will generally require less than one-tenth of one acre, with similarly-sized easement requirements. The cumulative total for all right-of-way and easement acquisition for all Phase II improvements is anticipated to be less than one acre.
1. 21st Avenue & Acklen Avenue—Signals, ADA transit stop, access control.
2. Bell Road & Murfreesboro Pike—Signals, crosswalks, markings, pedestrian improvements.
3. Charlotte Avenue & White Bridge Pike—Signals, crosswalks, markings, ramps, pedestrian improvements.
4. Dickerson Pike & Ewing Drive/Broadmoor Drive—Signals, access control, markings, ramps, crosswalks, pedestrian improvements.
5. Elm Hill Pike & Royal Parkway/Emery Drive—Signals, paving, markings, ramps, crosswalks, pedestrian improvements, drainage.
6. Gallatin Pike & Conference Drive—Signals, signage, markings, sidewalk/ramp.
7. Gallatin Avenue & Eastland Avenue—Turn lanes, signals, crosswalks, markings, transit shelter, pedestrian improvements.
8. Haywood Lane & Apache Trail—Signals, markings, turn lanes, access control, ramps, pedestrian improvements.
9. Mt. View Parkway & Crossings Boulevard—Signals, turn lanes, signal timing, crosswalks, ramps, pedestrian improvements.
10. Murfreesboro Pike & Hamilton Church Road—Turn lanes, markings, signals, signage, signal timing, markings, sidewalk/ramp, crosswalks, pedestrian improvements.
11. Nolensville Pike & Edmondson Pike/Wallace Road—Signals, sidewalk/ramp, sidewalk/ramp, drainage, crosswalks, pedestrian improvements.
12. Nolensville Pike & Haywood Lane—Signals, signal timing, markings, turn lane, sidewalk/ramp, crosswalks, pedestrian improvements, retaining wall.
13. Nolensville Pike & Thompson Lane—Turn lanes, signals, pedestrian improvements, bike lane signage, transit stop improvements, ADA bus stop, paving.
14. Old Hickory Boulevard & Highway 70S—Turn lane, signals, sidewalk/ramp, crosswalks, pedestrian improvements, access control.
15. Old Hickory Boulevard & Edmondson Pike—Turn lane, signals, retaining wall, utility relocations, pedestrian improvements.
If any intersection improvement were to require more than one acre of right-of-way acquisition, it would have been placed into a third phase. However, it is not anticipated that any of these improvements will require right-of-way acquisition in excess of one acre.

Project Amendments

There are no amendments for this TIP Project.

Administrative Modifications

There are no administrative modifications for this TIP Project.

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