TIP Project #2008-64-037: SR-106 (Hillsboro Rd ) and SR-46 Re-alignment/ Signalization.

Realign intersection to create a 90 degree alignment, with turn lanes of appropriate stacking length on both roadways. Relocate existing signal.

Williamson County   M Intersection
Williamson County   1064-252
SR-106 (Hillsboro Rd)/ SR-46   107914.00
SR-46 (Old Hillsboro Rd)/ SR-46  
0.10 miles   $1,235,000.00
Exempt   $1,235,000.00

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
2015PE-D, ROWU-STP$22,000.00$17,600.00$4,400.00$0.00
TOTAL  $1,235,000.00$988,000.00$247,000.00$0.00

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Project Notes

NotePosted On
12/18/12- Once the engineering phase is complete (see 2011-2014 TIP), a truer picture of the project scope will be known. However, based on the above noted TPR, a new alignment for SR-46 is to be constructed to provide a skew of 90 degrees. This alignment is to be located in the ROW previously acquired by Williamson County. This new section of roadway would include two 12' left and right turn lanes in addition to 6' paved shoulder. On SR-1 06, a new 12' left tum lane is to be constructed, as well as a new 12' right tum lane (south approach). It is intended that intersection signalization be actuated with two phase operation due to the relatively low volumes on SR-46. Major Tasks/Activities- assuming completion of the engineering phase in FY-13, ROW phase should begin in FY14, and construction in FY-15. Schedule- assuming completion of the engineering phase previous funded in FY 2011-14 TIP in FY-13, ROW acquisition (if necessary) would commence in FY-14, and actual construction in FY -15. • Milestones, et al- Williamson County Government has successfully managed a number of similar projects, including signalization at SR-106 and Murray Lane, SR-1 06 and Sneed Road (including left tum lane), SR 106 and Berrys Chapel Road, SR 106 and Battlewood Court, SR46 and SR-96, and SR-106 and Manley Lane. These projects were developed and implemented from 1994 through 2009.12/18/2012

Project Amendments

There are no amendments for this TIP Project.

List of Administrative Modifications

Adjustment #ActionMPO Approval
2016-017This project is being adjusted to shift $60,000 (federal) from the PE-D phase to the PE-N phase in order to cover an increase in PE-N costs due to necessary geotech work completed on the project.3/12/2016

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