TIP Project #2011-76-035: Cedar City Trail - Phase 5 (Bartons Creek South)

Multi-use paved trail extension from trailhead location at Hickory Ridge Road along Bartons Creek to the south connecting with existing and proposed schools and continues towards Leeville Pike and across Bartons Creek to the new Winfree Bryant Middle School.

Lebanon   M Greenway
Wilson County   1076-305
Cedar City Trail - Phase 5 (Bartons Creek South)  
From East of Hartmann Drive along Bartons Creek  
2.00 miles   $1,438,437.00
Exempt   $1,438,437.00

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
TOTAL  $1,438,437.00$1,150,750.00$0.00$287,687.00

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Project Documents and Links

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Project Notes

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Project Amendments

Amendment #ActionMPO ApprovalTDOT ApprovalUS DOT Approval
2011-014Include Phase 6 which has received Enhancement funds and is being combined with Phase 5 already in the TIP. The City of Lebanon is using PE and the donation of ROW as soft match for the project. The Federal and Local shares for the project remain an 80/20 split. Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) and TDOT Oversight fees are included in the Construction phase funds. 6/15/20116/23/20116/30/2011
2013-021This is a project in the current TIP. The amendment adds remaining funds from previous phases 3 and 4 of the same project to Phase 5. Also, the project description has been revised to properly describe the alignment.3/20/20135/15/20135/22/2013

List of Administrative Modifications

There are no administrative modifications for this TIP Project.

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