TIP Project #2014-89-047: Surface Transportation Program (STP) Grouping

See attachment 1 for a more comprehensive list of activities included but not limited for eligibility.

TDOT   M Road Upgrades
Multi-County   Consistent
Surface Transportation Program (STP) Grouping  
Regionwide - Nashville Area MPO  
0.00 miles   $20,450,000.00
Exempt   $20,450,000.00

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
2014PE, ROW, CONSTRUCTIONSTP$4,000,000.00$3,200,000.00$800,000.00$0.00
2015PE, ROW, CONSTRUCTIONSTP$10,000,000.00$8,000,000.00$2,000,000.00$0.00
2016PE, ROW, CONSTRUCTIONSTP$3,000,000.00$2,400,000.00$600,000.00$0.00
2016PE, ROW, CONSTRUCTIONSTP (ACSTP)$450,000.00$0.00$450,000.00$0.00
2017PE, ROW, CONSTRUCTIONSTP$3,000,000.00$2,400,000.00$600,000.00$0.00
TOTAL  $20,450,000.00$16,000,000.00$4,450,000.00$0.00

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Map of MPO Planning Area


Project Notes

There are no notes for this TIP Project.

Project Amendments

There are no amendments for this TIP Project.

List of Administrative Modifications

Adjustment #ActionMPO Approval
2014-011This project is being adjusted to add $800,000 (federal share) in STP funds in FY 2014. Some of the adjusted amount was increased in previous adjustments made and not communicated by TDOT. See additional supporting documentation. The type of work for all fiscal years was changed to "PE, ROW, CONST." The adjustment also includes an updated groupings crosswalk outlining those projects that might be authorized with a higher federal share.4/24/2014
2016-001This project was adjusted to add $300,000 in State ACSTP funds in FY16. The adjustment was requested directly to FHWA by TDOT.11/05/2015
2016-011This project is being adjusted to add $150,000 in State ACSTP funds to the project in FY16. The adjustment was requested directly to FHWA by TDOT.1/27/2016
2016-027This project was adjusted to add $2,688,000 (State) to FY16 ACSTP funds.5/27/2016

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