TIP Project #2009-56-027: Town Creek Greenway

Pedestrian and bike trail into downtown Gallatin along Town Creek from Triple Creek Park to Franklin Street(Farmers Market). Project includes multiple segments with access to Municipal Park and residential neighborhoods as well as a connection to the Gallatin Civic Center.

Gallatin   M Greenway
Sumner County   1056-300
Town Creek Greenway  
From Triple Creek Park to Franklin Street (Farmers Market)  
2.60 miles   $5,370,766.00
Exempt   $3,528,983.00

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
2012PE, ROW, CONSTRUCTIONHPP$545,233.00$436,186.00$0.00$109,047.00
TOTAL  $3,528,983.00$2,823,186.00$0.00$705,797.00

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2009-56-027 - Town Creek Greenway

Project Documents and Links

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Project Notes

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Project Amendments

Amendment #ActionMPO ApprovalTDOT ApprovalUS DOT Approval
2012-008The amendment adds Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds awarded through TDOT’s statewide competition.12/14/20111/18/20121/23/2012
2012-072The amendments adds High Priority Project (HPP) funds in FY2012. Project development was divided into phases due to budget constraints. NEPA has been completed for the entire section. Phase 1 (Complete) From Triple Creek Park to Barton Dr.; Phase 2 (In Design) From Barton Dr. to Wilmore St.; Phase 3 (Planned) From Wilmore St. to Franklin St. (Farmers Market).9/19/201210/23/201211/19/2012

List of Administrative Modifications

Adjustment #ActionMPO Approval
2012-026Project modified to revise title to remove "Phase 2"; Revise the project description to change "Smith St" to "Farmers Market"; Revise PE line from "PE-D" to "PE"; Shift $96,000 (federal share) from CONST to PE and revise the Local match; Shift $221,600 (federal share) from CONST to ROW and revise the Local match; Reduce the federal share for CONST by $317,600 to reflect funds transferred to PE and ROW and revise the Local match.7/26/2012

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