Transportation Improvement Program for FYs 2014-2017


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241 transportation projects are visible on the map that meet the specified criteria:
TIP ID #Project TypeLocation
2002-028Rockland Road WideningMRoad WideningSumner County
2002-029Walton Ferry and Old Shackle Island Rd Improvements ProjectMIntersectionSumner County
2004-004Increased Guidance for Improved MobilityMSignage/WayfindingDavidson County
2004-005Jefferson Street IntersectionsMIntersectionDavidson County
2004-009Wayfinding Sign ProgramMITSDavidson County
2004-051SR-247 (Duplex Road) WideningMRoad WideningWilliamson County
2004-058Concord Road (SR-253) WideningMRoad WideningWilliamson County
2005-0065307 Urban Operating for Rover Public Transit - Relax & Ride ServiceMTransit OperationsRutherford County
2005-0075307 Urban Operating for Rover Public Transit - Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency (MCHRA) ContractMTransit OperationsRutherford County
2006-013Concord Road (SR-253) WideningMRoad WideningWilliamson County
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